Social Media Cleanse

From September 17th, 2019 – September 17th, 2020, I (age 28) will be participating in a yearlong social media cleanse. After realizing I had been on social media for nearly 15 years and doing some research on the effects of social media on the brain, I decided to take a year off of social media, document my experience, and make my first feature length documentary film.

First draft trailer (36 seconds):

The first draft of the documentary trailer was recently published on YouTube. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you would like to support this film. This project is being built one day at a time by one person, so any help in supporting and promoting this project would be greatly appreciated.

How else can you support this documentary project?

If you’re interested in sharing anything about this documentary, be it the trailer on YouTube or a blog post, I kindly ask you not share it on social media. (I can’t in good conscience ask you to share this on social media while going through a social media cleanse myself.) Instead, connect with a friend or family member that you think will genuinely find this project interesting. Ideally, I’d much rather your efforts in helping also contributes to you having more intentional and meaningful conversations.

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As a final note, I want to share my appreciation of you for making it this far down the page and supporting this project. I know how tough it is to get a project with no team or budget off the ground. This project’s success will be in direct correlation to the generous support shown from people like you, so thank you.

— Cat Ocampo

Note: I welcome anyone interested in being involved in this project to see the Contact page.

This page has been updated as of 10/7/2019. Naturally, updates to this page may occur throughout the documentary filmmaking process. I will note any future updates right here at the bottom of this page or on the Film Updates page.