I Quit Social Media for 2 Months and Don’t Miss It

I Quit Social Media for 2 Months and Don’t Miss It

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Since my last update, I’ve gone another month without social media. To be perfectly honest, I don’t miss it one bit.

My official two months monthiversary fell on November 17th, but me and my family have been going through some hard times that needed my full attention. Nevertheless, here’s my report on quitting social media for 2 months.

This post is going to be short as there really isn’t that much to report on. Even so, feel free to click around the table of contents.

Habits and lifestyle changes

There really isn’t much to report on since my last update. I’m still experiencing the benefits of being more focused/less anxious. And I’m enjoying the time back that I have to think and/do other things more important than checking if I have notifications or snooping in on someones Insta.

Still experiencing the same benefits as month 1 without social media.

How I feel two months after quitting social media

I am still struggling with a bit of loneliness but I feel like it’s a healthy lonely that isn’t made worse by being on social media where fleeting validation in cyclic.

To cope, I’ve been practicing healthy activities like walking, going on bike rides, cooking, and writing in my journal every day. I feel like all of these things are a healthy and productive way to spend time by yourself (or with others) and it requires minimal effort.

Feeling a bit lonely, but a ‘healthy’ lonely that I can work with.

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Hi there, I’m Connor — I’m the author of this website and millennial guinea pig to a yearlong social media cleanse. From September 17th, 2019 to September 17th 2020, I will be experimenting and blogging about what life is like without social media. This site will be periodically edited and updated as the experiment continues. If you’d like to read more head over to the About page.

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